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You'll receive immediate and unrestricted access to:


  • Regularly Updated Trainings
    • This isn't your typical one-and-done program. This is a virtual training hub offering a an in-depth understanding of multiple forms of hypnosis. The longer you stay in this community, they more updated hypnosis training material you'll receive.


  • Never-Before-Seen Clips
    • YouTube clips can be fun to watch but many Hypnotists don't post their full performances. You'll get to see the raw and unedited versions of street, stage, virtual demonstrations and more so you can replicate my success.


  • Narrated Walkthroughs
    • It's here you'll learn, step-by-step, exactly what to do, what to say and why. This will help you to literally hypnotize anyone, anywhere, any time for any reason.


  • Made-For-You Scripts
    • This is where most new students stumble. What do you say? When do you say it? Should you pause and if so, for how long? Whether learning hypnosis for comedy or therapy, you'll always have a sample script to guide you on your path.


  • Psychological Pep Talks
    • The majority of students who start practicing hypnosis psych themselves out. This is why I'll give you a pep talk in every training. I'll help shift your perspective, provide you with confidence, put you at ease and help you succeed.


  • Money-Making Tips
    • Most one-and-done hypnosis trainings just take your money. HypnoKick shows and tells you exactly how to earn money with every hypnosis training. Students who have taken action with their training have made their memberships pay for themselves.


  • Affordable
    • There's no other virtual hypnosis training hub that's updated regularly at our competitive rate (we've checked). Investing in yourself through HypnoKick is a fruitful, money-saving and wise decision.


    • HypnoKick's Members Area contains 12+ hours of training material (and growing) with bonus modules to ensure every student achieves their goals!